Bally’s Corporation Submits Proposal To Operate New Richmond Casino

The Bally’s Corporation group has just submitted its candidacy to operate a proposed new casino in Richmond, Virginia. The proposal will offer the operator to manage the casino, which is estimated to be built at $ 650 million.

Work Lasting 18 Months

Bally’s Corporation proposes to develop and operate the new facility in the City of Richmond. The latter plans to name the site ”  Bally’s Richmond Casino Resort  ” with work showing an amount of $ 650 million including a payment of $ 100 million for the benefit of the territory. If the company is selected, the construction will last at least 18 months with the opening of the gambling house which will be scheduled for the year 2024. According to its estimates, the operator expects to attract 3.7 million visitors by year and create jobs, ie more than 2,000 jobs. As for revenue, the site is expected to generate $ 415 million in gross annual profits.

According to the information obtained, the complex will provide many services including a casino, sports betting, a hotel, a swimming pool, restaurants and retail outlets as well as an auditorium and conference hall. Thanks to its services, the operator ensures that the project offers enormous advantages to the inhabitants. On the one hand, the site’s location provides various opportunities since it is located on the edge of Powhite Parkway, on the western border of Richmond. Its geographical location will make Bally’s Richmond a must-see destination accessible by transit.

According to Bally’s President and CEO, George Papanier, this proposal is a very profitable project for the community of Richmond. The presence of this new casino will have a positive impact on existing culture and traditions by optimizing an environment that focuses on entertainment and recreation. The manager explained that Bally’s Richmond will give the city an opportunity to stand out by making the territory an attractive and very active tourist destination.